Who’s going to investigate Prosecutor Dan Kasaris’s romantic relationship with my Co-Defendant?

My case contains an amazing amount of prosecutorial misconduct, including missing evidence, a botched government spying operation, a federal prosecutor — Mark Bennett — who lied about the existence of a key witness interview that I used to win the second trial.  Who is going to prosecute prosecutors who break the law and who is going to look into Prosecutor Dan Kasaris’s sexual relationship with my co-defendant?  Multiple sources have contacted me in the past several weeks to provide additional confirmation that Prosecutor Dan Kasaris had a four year long affair with my co-defendant and key government witness, Kathryn Clover.  Those two were seen at a baseball game, and at other public places, together,  Meanwhile, hundreds of Prosecutor Kasaris’s spicy e mail messages are the subject of my public records lawsuit in Erie, Pa.  I have recently learned that Mr. Kasaris used funds from the prosecutor’s office to compensate Ms. Clover, but never disclosed that to my defense before my first trial.  At my second trial, Ms. Clover said that Prosecutor Kasaris allowed her to take evidence home from the prosecutor’s office, sit in on meetings with other government witnesses and access to records from other criminal cases.
Prosecutors have brazenly and repeatedly broken the law to “win” a conviction in my case.  The judge in my federal case, Donald C. Nugent, doesn’t seem to mind all of the government’s misconduct.  In fact, he ruled in November of 2015 that I was “not allowed” to obtain an acquittal in state court, even though I had already done just that.   At the moment, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals is reviewing this case — maybe they’ll come to a different conclusion than Judge Nugent.  Be sure to let us know what you make of all this, or share your experiences with the justice system on our blog.  Thanks for visiting www.freeTonyViola.com and please share this site with your friends!  Thanks, Tony