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Tony Viola was indicted three times -- once in federal court and twice in state court -- and tried twice by a multi-jurisdictional mortgage fraud task force on identical charges. When whistleblower Dawn Pasela, prosecutor's Office Manager, gave Tony evidence hidden before his first trial -- which prosecutors Mark Bennett and Dan Kasaris claimed didn't exist -- he proved his innocence at the second trial.  Dawn also offered to testify as a defense witness but when Prosecutors Dan Kasaris and Mark Bennett found out Dawn was assisting Tony, she was threatened and found dead in her apartment under suspicious circumstances. 

Despite the results of the second trial, Tony remained imprisoned for nearly a decade until recent admissions by the Department of Justice and the FBI that both made materially false statements about evidence in his case. The evidence that proves Tony's innocence likely exonerates almost all of the other defendants prosecuted by the Task Force.  Contact Tony via email at [email protected] or call anytime, 330-998-3290. We hope you'll share your stories with us and tell us what you think or let us know what experiences you've had with the justice system. Please post your thoughts on our blog and thanks for visiting FreeTonyViola.com!

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Tony Viola

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Dawn Pasela

Dawn Pasela, our courageous and brilliant friend.

She was found dead as she was scheduled to testify about misconduct by prosecutors.

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See the Facts For Yourself

Don't take our word for it, check out the evidence from Tony's second trial and see for yourself how prosecutors suppressed proof of Tony's innocence before his first trial.   Our evidence locker tells the whole story, using the government's own documents and records to confirm that prosecutors broke the law to "win" the case.

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There are so many things that you can do to aid our mission to free Tony: from a simple Tweet, to writing the Ohio Attorney General. Learn about all the ways you can help.