Tony Viola's Wrongful Conviction

Tony Viola faced three indictments and two trials on identical charges by a multi-jurisdictional mortgage fraud task force. Accused of deceiving banks like JP Morgan into granting 'no money down' mortgage loans, Tony was initially convicted and sentenced to 12 1/2 years in prison. However, from his jail cell, Tony, without legal representation, uncovered evidence withheld by the Justice Department, proving his innocence in a second trial. This evidence exonerated Tony and suggested that many of the 1,300 citizens prosecuted by the Task Force might be innocent.

Dawn Pasela's Crucial Role in Uncovering the Truth

Dawn Pasela, the Prosecutor's Office Manager, played a pivotal role in Tony's acquittal. She provided Tony with critical evidence, including FBI 302 reports and internal lender documents, which revealed that banks were complicit in approving 'no income, no asset' loans. This evidence was instrumental in disproving the government's "mortgage fraud" theory and highlighted systemic issues within the prosecution's approach.

Mark Bennett & Dan Kasaris: Misconduct & Manipulation Pre-Trial

Federal prosecutor Mark Bennett and state prosecutor Dan Kasaris were central figures in the pre-trial phase. They interviewed bank executives who admitted that lender employees could approve 'no money down' loans, yet Bennett and Kasaris later denied these interviews under oath. Their actions not only misrepresented the truth but also contributed to the wrongful conviction of Tony Viola.

Arvin Clar's Controversial Involvement

As the Chair of the Mortgage Fraud Task Force, Arvin Clar oversaw various questionable activities, including undisclosed payments to informants and the manipulation of evidence. His actions, along with those of Bennett and Kasaris, raised serious concerns about the integrity of the Task Force and its proceedings.

The Mysterious Circumstances Surrounding Dawn Pasela's Death

Following her crucial contribution to Tony's defense, Dawn Pasela was found dead under mysterious circumstances, a development that has yet to be thoroughly investigated. This tragedy adds another layer of complexity to the case, raising questions about the lengths to which individuals might go to suppress the truth. You can learn more at

Kathryn Clover: A Tangled Web of Relationships and Influence

The case also uncovered a romantic relationship between Prosecutor Dan Kasaris and government witness Kathryn Clover, further complicating the narrative and casting doubt on the objectivity of the prosecution.

Continuing the Fight for Justice

Despite the acquittal in the second trial, the fight for justice continues. Investigations into the personal finances of critical figures like Arvin Clar and the ongoing legal battles highlight Tony Viola's case's complexity and ongoing nature.

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