Tony Viola Released from Jail, gives first public interview


For immediate release - Cleveland, Ohio


On Friday, June 5 Tony Viola was interviewed by Richard Syrett of Coast to Coast a.m. radio fame discussing his mortgage fraud conviction in 2011 that got him a 12-and-a-half year prison sentence!

Viola has been fighting his federal conviction for the past decade and a favorable court ruling is expected soon that will produce the exculpatory excluded during his federal trial by Mark Bennet and Dan Kasaris -- the same evidence that exonerated him at his subsequent state trial on the same charges.

In this riveting interview, Viola discusses the heroism of Dawn Pasala, an employee turned whistleblower who was found dead in her apartment on the eve of her court testimony. Viola expresses concern, echoed by presiding Judge Daniel Gaul, that Dawn’s sudden and mysterious death was never properly investigated. Tony also expresses suspicion of all the mortgage fraud convictions stating that “there are hundreds of people paying restitution yet the Prosecutor provides no evidence of transferring money to any victim.”

Viola is preparing for a major national media campaign including his contribution to a 10-episode mini-series in development with a major film company exploring the activities of a task force that was contrived to take advantage of the mortgage crisis by extorting the local real estate community.

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