I'm in jail for supposedly using fraudulent real estate paperwork to trick banks into making no money down loans.  But, Wait!  Our paperwork was copied from sample government forms on the HUD web site and my real estate attorney, Jonathan Rich, www.zrlaw.com, researched the legality of "no money down" transactions.  He reviewed these forms and even used them when he sold properties through our firm!  In state court, I told jurors to forget this "reasonable doubt" stuff, I'd just affirmatively prove my innocence.  And thanks to Jonathan's testimony, I did just that!

    Why didn't Mr. Rich testify in federal court?  Because my attorney Jay Milano -- without my permission -- signed a joint defense agreement that allowed attorneys for the co-defendants to interview and select trial witnesses.  Those lawyers also represented government witnesses including a government witness who told prosecutors I'm innocent.  Prosecutors objected to these obvious conflicts of interest before trial but I was never told about that filing (Docket # 110 in my case, cr-08-506).  Then, Judge Donald Nugent held a hearing about conflicts but excluded me from that hearing.  Then he sealed Docket #110 -- and those records remain sealed to this day!  Lawyers for my co-defendants didn't want Jonathan to testify because they didn't have any "advice of counsel" defense and could look guilty in comparison to me.  Even though Mr. Milano charged me a $15,000 "flat fee" for an investigation, he never paid his investigator and never obtained any investigative materials or witness interview summaries.  According to Judge Nugent, that didn't matter -- because, says the judge, I'm guilty and Jay Milano did a good job.  Proving my innocence in state court also proved that Judge Nugent's ruling was wrong.  But Judge Nugent refuses to grant me a hearing in federal court so I can subpoena Mr. Rich and present proof of my innocence.  

Anyone have any ideas about how to convince federal officials to admit they made a mistake?