I was investigated by a joint federal-state mortgage fraud task force, and I’m in jail for tricking banks into making no money down loans.  But the task force’s lead investigator, Arvin Clar, simultaneously worked for the same banks involved in my case.  According to public records recently obtained from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Mr. Clar was allowed to work as a “security consultant” for banks, make paid speeches to banker’s associations and appear at industry conferences as an expert.  No wonder Mr. Clar had little difficulty blaming me for wrongdoing by his banker clients.  If you think there is an obvious conflict when a detective works for the “victim” of a crime, please write Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and ask him to look into this aspect of my case, and the other government misconduct that went on in my case.  AG DeWine’s address is:

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine
150 Gay Street – 16th Floor
Columbus, Ohio  43215

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