“The United States Injustice System” by author Sandy Freese Now Available!

“The United States Injustice System” by author Sandy Freese has just been released and highlights numerous instances of clear injustices, and a refusal of any responsible person in our government to do anything about it – along with a catalog of horrors from inside prisons and jails throughout America.  This timely and important book is packed with facts and figures, as well as powerful stories told by Sandy in clear and powerful prose.


“My case is just one of many highlighted,” said Tony Viola, who was tried twice on the same charges and exonerated at a subsequent trial, using evidence prosecutors Dan Kasaris and Mark Bennett suppressed before the first trial.  “It’s sad to say, but our own government is engaged in rampant cruelty and illegal behavior on a daily basis.  After ten years in jail, I can assure everyone that prison is a daily horror show.  I saw with my own eyes correctional officers beat up prisoners with impunity, and officers engaging in near constant acts of cruelty – even sexually assaulting family members who were visiting inmates.  I hope Sandy’s book contributes to a fundamental re-thinking of our disgraceful policy of mass incarceration and systematic cruelty towards our own citizens.  It is heartbreaking to see our government treat our brothers and sisters in such a disgraceful fashion.”


Sandy made the following statement about her book:  “I have interviewed people across the nation who either have been, or are, incarcerated. Society as a whole doesn't understand what's going on within the United States Correctional Facilities. Abuse, neglect, and trauma are prevalent issues that take place for our citizens behind bars. Since the mid-1970's there have been 186 of our citizens who have died on death row that have later been found innocent of the crimes they were convicted of. Many botched executions have taken place which have prolonged and heightened the pain of these individuals. As far as reentry for those who are released; there is not much help. Most are released with no money, no place to go, and no familial support. Thus, recidivism is higher here than in other country. This is a compilation of the stories of citizens across our country. There is artwork, letters to family members, and contact information of contributors. Educating society is key.”


“I salute the efforts of Sandy Freee.” Tony continued, “She has sacrificed so much to expose wrongful convictions and injustices in our Country.  She has devoted her time and energy in a cause bigger than herself – and I truly believe that her efforts will drive change in America.”


Additional information about Sandy is available at www.authorscfreese.com, where Sandy’s book is available for purchase.  Additional information about Tony’s case can be found at www.FreeTonyViola.com.


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