Hi everyone!  After I proved my innocence at the second trial, I never imagined my case would take so long to be resolved.  At the moment, the Court of Appeals is reviewing the trial court’s denial of my request for a hearing.  Even though proof of my innocence is in my locker in jail, the federal courts have repeatedly denied my requests for an evidentiary hearing.  Meanwhile, a public records lawsuit pending in the Erie, Pa. federal court, case 15-cv-242, concerns romantic e mails between Prosecutor Dan Kasaris and government informant Kathryn Clover and illegal wiretaps and secret tape recordings made without a warrant after my indictment.  FBI Agent Jeff Kassouf admitted listening to these tapes but the FBI claims they didn’t “retain” the tapes.  The FBI says the joint federal-state task force possesses the tapes but they don’t.  Can an FBI agent listen to tapes then disclaim knowledge of the whereabouts of those tapes?  Can the federal government use voice recordings before trial but later shift them to a different location and not produce them to the defense before trial?  Those are the issues that Judge Susan Paradise Baxter will soon decide.  Stay tuned for details and thanks for visiting www.FreeTonyViola.com.