The government has prosecuted thousands of citizens for so-called mortgage fraud offenses, claiming that property sellers, loan officers or real estate agents tricked banks into making loans that did not meet the bank's lending guidelines. But, wait! The very same properties at issue in these prosecutions are also involved in cases where banks have admitted knowingly making loans that didn't meet the bank's lending guidelines. American citizens have been ordered to pay restitution to banks, who the government says are innocent victims of mortgage fraud schemes. But, once again, the exact same properties that are subject to restitution orders where the government says banks are innocent victims are involved in lender settlements where banks have admitted engaging in fraud and paid owners of the mortgages.

In order to bring this double game to the public's attention, and to have unlawful convictions overturned, the attached lawsuit has been filed in Federal Court. Please read our complaint and the attachments and see for yourself how the Justice Department is abusing its power, incarcerating innocent people and allowing banks to pay money to buy themselves out of criminal liability.

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