Attorney Steve Dettelbach criticized Prosecutor Dan Kasaris for launching a "politically motivated" investigation of his political opponent, County Executive Armond Budish, and further criticized Kasaris for alerting the news media before conducting a televised "raid" to execute a search warrant.  But Dettelbach had no problem directing Kasaris to employ the very same tactics when prosecuting cases at the federally-funded Mortgage Fraud Task Force that Dettelbach oversaw as U.S. Attorney in Cleveland.

When Tony Viola was sentenced to 150 months in jail, Dettelbach high-fived Dan Kasaris and fist bumped other prosecutors as Tony was hauled off to jail.  But after Tony proved his innocence at a second trial just months later, using evidence the Task Force claimed didn't exist, Dettelbach was nowhere to be found to comment on Tony's exoneration.  Later, when Dettelbach became aware that Kasaris forged names on an evidence log, "lost" computers seized in FBI raids and used taxpayer dollars to pay his girlfriend Kathryn Clover, Dettelbach wrote that he "would take no action" against Kasaris and would not refer Kasaris's misconduct for an investigation.  Now, Mr. Dettelbach claims to be a vigorous advocate for Armond  Budish, but those who know better say this:  Mr. Budish, you need a different lawyer!

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