Senator Sherrod Brown Asks FBI to Review its Actions in Tony Viola’s Criminal Cases Cases


On October 19, 2021, United States Senator Sherrod Brown asked the FBI to consider asking the Inspector General to investigate the FBI's actions in Tony Viola's criminal cases.  The request followed Tony Viola’s acquittal on identical charges at issue at his first trial, after which both the FBI and Department of Justice admitted making false statements about evidence in Tony’s cases.  In addition, the FBI claimed it was unaware of 10,000 FBI records in its own records system for over a decade due to “the lack of oversite” over FBI Special Agent Jeff Kassouf, who forwarded “the physical file” to his supervisors while failing to produce records he stored electronically.  “The FBI relied on the physical file with a belief it was complete,” when, in fact, Agent Kassouf retained control over key documents, Viola v. US Department of Justice, et. al., 15-cv-242, WD Pa, document number 164. 

“I’m very grateful for Senator Brown’s involvement in this case, and his concern about the FBI’s actions here and in related criminal cases,” said Tony Viola.  “The FBI’s claim that it was unaware of evidence in its own records system for over a decade is simply not credible.  Special Agent Jeff Kassouf hid evidence in criminal cases and actively covered up a romantic relationship between government witness Kathryn Clover and Assistant Ohio Attorney General Dan Kasaris, and Mark Bennett’s use of Clover’s perjured testimony to win convictions.  The evidence presented at my second trial likely exonerates hundreds of other criminal defendants, particularly in cases where Kathryn Clover testified.”

To read Senator Brown’s letter to the FBI, or to learn more about Tony’s exoneration at a second trial, please visit the Evidence Locker.


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