Seeking Justice Announces Toll Free Tip Line and Reiterates $10,000 Reward for Information Leading to the Arrest of a Suspect in the Murder of Dawn Pasela

  • Seeking Justice, airing live Wednesdays at 7 PM EST, tells the story of Dawn Pasela, who was found dead under suspicious circumstances as she was set to testify at Tony Viola’s second criminal trial about misconduct by federal and state prosecutors
  • New tip line -- (580) 8-SJ-TIPS or (580) 875-8477 -- provides the public with an anonymous way to call or text information about Dawn’s murder
  • $10,000 reward follows newly discovered evidence and a 2023 Sheriff investigation that the local police ignored procedures, failed to collect multiple cell phones or any evidence, erred in not investigating Dawn’s missing computer and failed to take any action to reopen the case – even after a directive to do so


CLEVELAND, OHIO – March 28, 2024 –, jointly with Seeking Justice,, and, announced today that it has established an anonymous tip line, (580) 8-SJ-TIPS or (580) 875-8477, so anyone can submit any information about the death of Dawn Pasela or information about any of the key players in this case.  The tip line follows the announcement of a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect in the murder of Dawn Pasela, who was found dead shortly after her expected testimony about prosecutorial misconduct during the criminal trial of Tony Viola

The reward was announced during the first episode of Seeking Justice, a YouTube Live series that reviews mounting evidence that the death of whistleblower Dawn Pasela was the result of foul play.  Seeking Justice is interviewing multiple experts who examine new clues and fresh witness statements about Dawn’s death, while also seeking input and assistance from the public to solve the case.  The new tip line was announced during the March 27 episode and can be viewed anytime on the Seeking Justice YouTube channel at

To submit a tip, individuals can also visit and view multiple ways to get in touch with Dawn’s legal or investigative team, or reach out directly to the creators of Seeking Justice at [email protected].


Edward and Karen Pasela, the parents of Dawn Pasela, said “We hope that someone comes forward with key evidence to solve the case, so we know exactly what happened to our daughter Dawn.”


“At Seeking Justice we believe it’s never too late to uncover the truth. We are hopeful that creating this tip line encourages anyone with information to come forward. You can remain anonymous. Remember, even if your information seems small, it could be the key detail that investigators need to bring Dawn's killer to justice and provide closure to her loved ones after all these years.”


Detailed background information about Dawn Pasela, the results of a Sheriff investigation into Dawn’s death, original source documents and a summary of newly discovered evidence can be found at, the nation’s largest database of cold cases, features Dawn’s case on their website, details at

To learn more the criminal prosecution of Tony Viola, or to review court filings by Tony’s attorneys at Yale Law School or Attorney Kim Corral, please visit

Seeking Justice is providing investigative resources and assistance to Dawn’s family and legal team. To subscribe to the Seeking Justice YouTube Channel or watch the Seeking Justice series, including past episodes, please visit:

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