Dan Kasaris Racist Emails

Assistant Ohio Attorney General Dan Kasaris made racist comments when discussing illegal surveillance of a defense witness before Tony Viola's trial, saying he will dress up as an “African” or an "African American Orthodox Jew" to spy on a defense witness at her place of employment.  Government witness Kathryn Clover suggests going as a “Mormon" or bringing a friend and going as “African American sister wives" and calls Tony's defense witness a "bitch" -- to the approval of Kasaris, who then invites government witnesses to "strip clubs."  Meanwhile, federal prosecutor Mark Bennett -- who has pled ignorance to these communications in the past -- is copied on many of these emails. 

The emails posted today are just a small part of nearly 600 pages of communications between Kasaris, Clover and Federal Prosecutor Bennett that were recently obtained by the FreeTonyViola.com investigative team.  To learn more about Tony’s case, or to read these emails for yourself, please visit the www.FreeTonyViola.com Evidence Locker.