Tony Viola is the only federal prisoner who proved his innocence at trial but remains in jail.  We need your help exposing what has transpired in Tony’s case, including:
     — A botched government spying operation that caused the death of the Prosecutor’s Office Manager.

   — A romantic relationship between Prosecutor Dan Kasaris and government informantKathryn Clover.

— Evidence and computers that were “lost” before the first trial magically re-appeared as Tony’s second trial began.

     — Judge Donald Nugent has sealed records, refused to release illegally recorded conversations and will not disclose the contents of confidential affidavits by Kathryn Clover about her relationship with Prosecutor Kasaris.

We need your help bringing this story to the public’s attention!  Please visit for more information about this case or post a comment on our blog or on Tony’s facebook page, which can be found by searching [email protected].  Happy Thanksgiving!