Prosecutor Dan Kasaris, Disbarred Federal Prosecutor Mark Bennett and Criminal Defendant Marty Maurer Named Potential ‘Persons of Interest’ in Suspicious Death of Dawn Pasela

 Whistleblower Dawn Pasela found dead under suspicious circumstances as she was about to testify about Prosecutorial Misconduct by Bennett and Kasaris

 Kasaris destroyed his computer the day Dawn died

 Illegal voice recordings & affair between Kasaris and government witness at issue

 Three cell phones found at death scene but not collected by the Police

 Accepts Dawn’s Case, now gathering new evidence

 Yale Law School accepts evidentiary case on behalf of Anthony Viola seeking recordings, additional evidence, while Attorney Kim Corral now representing the Pasela Family


     The death of whistleblower Dawn Pasela as she was scheduled to testify in open court about misconduct committed by Prosecutors Mark Bennett and Dan Kasaris has long been seen as too convenient of a coincidence to believe. Her passing, initially attributed to an alcohol overdose with a blood-alcohol content of .59, followed a cursory autopsy and a police investigation that failed to interview a single witness or even collect any evidence. Suspicions of foul play have swirled for years but no hard evidence emerged, leaving Dawn’s family and friends not only heartbroken, but distraught about the circumstances surrounding her death. Now, newly discovered evidence, which is summarized below, establishes that Dawn’s death was no ‘accidental overdose’ of alcohol but the result of foul play. Dawn Pasela, who volunteered at the Parma Animal Hospital, Fostered Rescue dogs before their adoption by local families.  

     A Summary of Newly Discovered Evidence Throughout 2022 and 2023, a torrent of new evidence and witness statements have established that Dawn’s death was the result of foul play, including the pending disbarment of former federal prosecutor Mark Bennett, who was fired by the Justice Department, Disciplinary Counsel v, Bennett, case number 2022-034; DOJ Inspector General Report Number 21-005.  Additional evidence includes the following:

 Law enforcement recently questioned Senior Assistant Ohio Attorney General Dan Kasaris about his appearance at Dawn’s apartment shortly before her death.

 Newly obtained documents and witness statements identify criminal defendant Marty Maurer – who was at Dawn’s apartment just hours before she died -- as a potential person of interest, and an individual who possesses information about what happened to Dawn.

 After an exhaustive search for EMS or ambulance records, it was finally determined that the Police never called an ambulance – they called a mortuary service to Dawn’s apartment.

 Newly obtained medical examiner photos raise several new questions – including possible bruising on Dawn’s neck, the discovery of three cell phones at the death scene and the appearance of Energy Drinks – which Dawn didn’t like – in her apartment.

 A new statement from former Task Force Chairman Donald Cleland confirms Dawn wore a wire in an illegal spying operation and was given all of the evidence in over 1,000 criminal cases to stash at her apartment – seemingly making her a target of anyone who was aware these materials were at her residence.

     A more detailed narrative along with key supporting documents provide additional context and background on all that’s taken place and is now available at or in the Evidence Locker. 

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