Prosecutor Dan Kasaris - Why am I in prison for doing what you and your wife did? 

 I'm in jail for supposedly tricking banks into making no money down, cash back mortgage loans.  But, Wait!  Prosecutor Dan Kasaris and his wife Sue own rental properties and purchased and sold these homes in the exact same fashion.  

Sue Kasaris is a real estate agent ( who promoted the same 'no money down' mortgage loans that were supposedly illegal -- on her own web site, no less!  

Mr. and Mrs. Kasaris also obtained mortgage loans using the very same "no document" loans at issue in my case.  I had a field day with this information in state court.  

I also added Sue Kasaris to my witness list in case I felt the need to have her appear and explain to jurors how come she was allowed to do the same thing I was in jail for doing.      

Consider the property located at 9009 Royalton Road, parcel # 483-31-009.  Dan and Sue Kasaris sold that home for $138,200 on October 18, 2007 but the borrower's loan amount was $142,365.  Sure looks like no money down, cash back with some "seller funded down payment assistance" to me!  When I introduced this information as evidence in court, Prosecutor Kasaris couldn't believe it.  He had what could only be described as a hissy fit.  "My God, Judge, he's attacking my wife!  What's next, will he threaten my daughters, too?  How can this be allowed?"

Prosecutors can dish it out but they sure can't take it.  They routinely threaten wives, husbands and girlfriends but they don't like it very much when someone turns the tables on them.  

But this evidence was very helpful to me because nothing ruined the prosecution's "theory" of the case better than this information.  If it's illegal, indict yourself and your wife!  And if it's not, leave me alone!  

Jurors loved the "rock 'em sock 'em" style I utilized throughout the state trial.  

My attorney in federal court, Jay Milano, refused to present this information in federal court because he gets along with prosecutors, negotiates plea agreements with them and encourages defendants to testify as government witnesses.  

But I was free of any need to please the prosecutors.  Instead, I used one of my Aces to win the state trial while leaving Dan Kasaris unable to answer this question:  how come I'm in jail for doing what you did, Prosecutor Kasaris?