Prosecutor Dan Kasaris used Personal E Mail Account to Hide Affair with Government Informant Kathryn Clover

Prosecutor Dan Kasaris sent hundreds of e mails to government informant Kathryn Clover using his personal Gmail account, in violation of Ohio Public records laws.  Kasaris had a four year affair with Clover and provided her undisclosed financial support from a "Furtherance of Justice" fund.  Clover testified as a government witness at multiple trials but later admitted committing perjury in federal court.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Bennett alerted the federal judiciary that Kasaris's girlfriend committed perjury in federal court, writing that "Clover lied at trial" in multiple court filings, see, for example, USA v. Clover, 10-cr-0075, Docket # 46.

Bryan Butler, who dated Ms. Clover, confirmed Kasaris and Clover had a sexual relationship, and said he personally saw erotic e mails between Clover and Kasaris, including one where Kasaris professed his "endless love" for Clover.  According to Butler, "I asked her, who is this dude e mailing you and she said he's a prosecutor."

Dan Kasaris has used nearly a dozen e mail accounts in the past five years, including a Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office account, one at the City of North Royalton, another account at the Ohio Attorney General's Office, a Gmail account, an account at Kasaris Properties, and, according to two sources, a Yahoo account as well.

Use of personal e mail accounts violates Ohio Public Records Laws, which require all official communications and records be preserved as a permanent archive.  Use of personal accounts increases the risk that sensitive information could be mishandled or hacked and unlawfully subverts legitimate public records requests by citizens because government searches for e mail records do not produce all records covered under the law.  The Ohio Attorney General's Office has been alerted to Mr. Kasaris's conduct but has yet to publicly comment on this issue.

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Dan Kasaris can be reached at [email protected] or (440) 305-4226.

John Kennedy, counsel for Bryan Butler, can be reached at (513) 946-3728.