Prosecutor Dan Kasaris Pockets Crime Victim Funds

Federal and State prosecutors collected over $15 million in restitution from nearly 1,000 criminal defendants prosecuted in Northeast Ohio for mortgage fraud, but not one cent of the funds collected has ever been forwarded to victims listed on restitution orders.  Instead, a ledger detailing the disbursement of these funds obtained by the investigative team reveals that Senior Assistant Ohio Attorney General Dan Kasaris received "expense reimbursements" and paid credit card bills from funds collected from people he prosecuted.

Dan Kasaris and federal prosecutor Mark Bennett secured federal grants from the Department of Justice (Grant # 2009-SC - B9-0080) to establish a Mortgage Fraud Task Force and investigate cases based on the theory that banks were victims of fraud schemes, duped into making 'no money down' mortgage loans.  Grant applications and reports falsely claim over $15 million in restitution was distributed to crime victims, but a recent investigation by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau confirms that no bank has ever received any restitution, despite court orders requiring funds collected by prosecutors to be forwarded to the victims listed on restitution orders.

"If you've paid restitution in a mortgage fraud case, or if you're an attorney who represented such a defendant, kindly consider making a public records request to see what the government has been doing with your restitution payments," said Tony Viola.

Tony is the only prisoner in America who proved his innocence at trial yet remains in jail.