Prosecutor Dan Kasaris Lied on His Employment Application, Public Records Confirm

Dan Kasaris concealed his employment as Corporate Treasurer for a local real estate company when he applied for his job as a Prosecutor. Kasaris was required, on his May 24, 2013 employment application, to “accurately and completely” disclose all previous employment and Mr. Kasaris signed a “Certification” acknowledging he is “responsible for the correctness of the application.” Following June 11, 2013, when Mr. Kasaris was hired as Senior Assistant Ohio Attorney General, he continued to violate the Ohio Attorney General’s Policy and Procedures Manual, which required advanced approval for all outside income and employment to “protect the public confidence in the Attorney General’s Office,” according to recently obtained public records.

Mr. Kasaris’s position as Corporate Treasurer and Statutory Agent of North Boston Home Owner’s Association d.b.a. Cambridge Park Home Owners Association, including the employment of his family members at that organization, can be confirmed by logging on to Despite collecting over $160,000 in association fees, Mr. Kasaris failed to renew the entity’s corporate charter, causing the non-profit’s charter to be cancelled for several years, see Ohio Secretary of State’s web site, entity Number 847140, tax ID # 34-1761427. Mr. Kasaris, a signer on bank accounts at US Bank, engaged in a series of highly questionable transactions, account no. 577913353 and Mr. Kasaris’s “Legal Fee Fund” account no. 0-035-5087-1701. In prior criminal prosecutions, including that of Chris Calo’s American Dream Fund, Kasaris alleged that failure to renew corporate charters was a crime because it invalidated non-profit status, causing an entity to become a mere slush fund — requiring Mr. Kasaris to immediately indict himself for these same allegedly criminal activities.

“I proved my innocence at trial yet remain imprisoned,” said Tony Viola. “Our public records litigation continues to produce a mountain of evidence confirming massive misconduct by prosecutors. Your help in spreading the word or contacting investigative journalists is greatly appreciated. Additional public records will be released soon, including romantic e mails between Prosecutor Kasaris and government informant Kathryn Clover. In those e mails, Mr. Kasaris professes his ‘endless love’ for Ms. Clover, his girlfriend of four years, Case # 15-cv-242, Western District of Pennsylvania, Judge Susan Baxter presiding.”

For additional details about Tony’s case, including how he proved his innocence at a second trial, please visit To obtain key documents, including Mr. Kasaris’s false employment application and documents concerning his position at North Boston, post a note on our blog or write Tony Viola at: Inmate # 32238-160, McKean FCI – P.O. Box 8000 – Bradford, Pa. 16701.

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