Prosecutor Dan Kasaris implicated in Death of Dawn Pasela

Kasaris at the scene hours Before Pasela’s Death; Foul Play Suspected


  • Attorney John Patrick says Dawn was “Murdered”
  • Medical Examiner may Re-open Inquiry
  • FBI Agent Jeffrey Kassouf Admits listening to recordings made before her death
  • Prosecutor Daniel Kasaris threatened Dawn with “federal prison” and was seen at her apartment just hours before she died


The death of whistleblower Dawn Pasela as she was scheduled to testify in open court about misconduct committed by Prosecutors Mark Bennett and Dan Kasaris has long been seen as too convenient of a coincidence to believe.  Her passing, initially attributed to an alcohol overdose with a blood-alcohol content of .59, followed a cursory autopsy and a police investigation that failed to interview a single witness.  Suspicions of foul play have swirled for years but no hard evidence emerged, leaving Dawn’s family and friends not only heartbroken, but distraught about the circumstances surrounding her death.   Now, newly discovered evidence places Senior Assistant Ohio Attorney General at Dawn’s apartment shortly before her death, while the Medical Examiner will consider “new evidence” about Dawn’s death.