Prosecutor Dan Kasaris admits Using Private Yahoo E Mail Account for Official Business, Deleting Public Records

  • Romantic emails between Kasaris and government witness Kathryn Clover are the central issue in pending litigation in the Ohio Court of Claims
  • Kasaris admits under oath he used his Private Yahoo email account, says he “deleted” emails, complied with records laws “for the most part” in “criminal prosecutions.”
  • Imminent court ruling will address the refusal of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost to produce Kasaris-Clover Yahoo Emails


CLEVELAND, Ohio -- December 9, 2020 – just published documents confirming Assistant Ohio Attorney General Daniel Kasaris used his personal Yahoo email account affixed with his official signature as a prosecutor to continuously email government witness Kathryn Clover, including describing “banging in the car” and “hand jobs from the workers.”  According to multiple witness affidavits, that email, obtained by the investigative team, is just one of thousands exchanged between Kasaris and Clover between 2010 and the present.  Clover testified as a government witness in dozens of criminal cases for Kasaris and Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Bennett in Cleveland, and had a long-term romantic relationship with Kasaris.

Dozens of criminal indictments and convictions were based on Clover’s testimony.  Bennett later informed the federal judiciary that Clover committed perjury, USA v. Clover, 10-cr-75, Docket # 46.  Still, Neither Bennett nor Kasaris has ever withdrawn this false testimony at criminal trials, prompting an ongoing investigation by wrongfully convicted individuals.

Following the refusal of both the Ohio Attorney General and the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor to produce emails between Clover and Kasaris from the Yahoo email account, or even search the Yahoo account for other public records, a formal complaint was submitted to the Ohio Court of Claims.  Kasaris initially denied the existence of these emails, but later revised his version of events. “For the most part” Kasaris says he followed records laws but he admits utilizing his “Yahoo email account” involving a “criminal prosecution” but “deleted” the “emails from my Yahoo account,” December 1, 2020 affidavit.  An earlier version of events says the opposite.  Kasaris initially swore under oath his Yahoo email account was strictly for “personal” use, September 9, 2020 affidavit.

“The Ohio Attorney General’s Office is violating the policies it set forth in its “Sunshine Manual,” which states that government-related communications sent via a private email account are considered public records,” said Tony Viola.  “Moreover, any communications between a prosecutor and a government witness, or emails about criminal cases, are public records because they involve the operations and functions of the Attorney General’s Office.  This positon is clearly supported by case law and the public records statutes.  If Kasaris is allowed to sidestep Ohio records laws by using his Yahoo email account affixed with his official title as a signature for official business, then any government employee can place their official communications beyond the reach of records laws simply by using private email accounts.”

Since Kasaris was previously employed by the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, and since that office also refused to search his Yahoo email account, they, too, are the subject of similar litigation, Ohio Court of Claims Case No. 2020-00506PQ.

“Don’t take our word for any of this,” added Tony Viola.  “Please read the Yahoo emails, affidavits submitted by Prosecutor Kasaris and the sworn statements from witnesses detailing his long term sexual relationship with government witness Kathryn Clover at, Online Case Search, Viola v. Ohio Attorney General, Case Co, 2020-00507PQ.”


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