1. Prosecutors provided their key witness, Kathryn Clover, undisclosed financial benefits, allowed her to meet with multiple government witnesses at meetings hosted by prosecutors and directed her to lie in federal
  2. At the second trial, Ms. Clover recanted her federal court testimony and took the Fifth Amendment.
  3. Prosecutors taped an interview with government witness Nicholas Myles, who says that he turned over computers to prosecutors. Prosecutors and Mr. Myles then obstruct justice by agreeing to change his story about computers Mr. Myles later claimed he never provided or produced any computers to the government.
  4. Prosecutors on tape — ask multiple witnesses to ”go undercover” and tape record me or gather information about me. When Alex D’Amato said she didn’t know who I was, she was told that she should figure out how to spend time with me.
  5. The FBI was dispatched to the offices of Brian Stark, who headed up my legal defense fund. Mr. Stark was threatened with indictment if he testified on my behalf.