Prosecutor Dan Kasaris' Wife, Sister in Law Confirm Affair with Government Witness Kathryn Clover

Kathryn Clover testified in multiple criminal trials and grand jury proceedings as a government witness in cases prosecuted by Assistant Ohio Attorney General Dan Kasaris and federal prosecutor Mark Bennett.  According to Bennett, "Clover provided false testimony" in these proceedings, USA v. Clover, 75-cr-10, Docket # 46. 

Previously, witnesses including Matt Fairfield and Bryan Butler provided written statements about this sexual relationship, and a local attorney and his client saw Kasaris and Clover together at a Cleveland Indians baseball game.  But, now, Kasaris family member Kelly Patrick has provided Facebook messages confirming this sexual relationship between a prosecutor and his lead witness.  Read these communications for yourself to confirm Kasaris sent e mails to Clover from his private e mail account, view messages of Susan Kasaris discussing Dan's "affair" and take a look at the sworn statement of Kelly Patrick.  

Kelly courageously provided these materials, which she believes are relevant to ongoing criminal cases,  Please read Kelly's own words, which are below, then visit the Evidence Locker, click on "Kasaris-Clover Affair Documents" and draw your own conclusions!

I have spent most of my life afraid. Until someone challenged me and I had two choices; fight or flight. For the first time in my life I chose to fight. I chose to fight for myself. It took a tremendous amount of courage and bravery for me to use my voice, but the more I tell my story the more I am aligned with the right people. And the more good people I connect with, the stronger I feel. In what one can only describe as a true act of fate, I was aligned with Tony Viola. In researching Tony’s case I read about Dawn Pasela, a woman whose life was taken from her too soon. I connected with Dawn immediately, even though it’s been 8 years since she’s passed and I never knew her in life. Dawn and I have something in common; we’ve both been abused and threatened by Dan Kasaris. Upon reading Dawn’s story I knew I had to share my story, a story I’ve kept for many years because I too was afraid of Dan Kasaris. I was married to Dan’s brother. I can relate to how scared Dawn felt, I can relate to how intimidated she felt, and I can relate to how overwhelmed she felt. I feel grateful that I am alive, I can speak my truth and be a voice for women like Dawn. I know that I can no longer be silent and that by sharing my story I can help people like Dawn, Tony, and many others.

Because of my marriage to Dan's brother, I was in frequent contact with Dan and Susan Kasaris -- in person, via e mail and on social media.  After reviewing some of the written communications I have received from the Kasaris family, I decided that the right thing to do is make them available to the public.  I believe this information may be relevant to ongoing criminal cases or help people who have been prosecuted by Dan Kasaris and are in jail now.

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