Jury Trial Concerning Destruction of Evidence inside the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office Set October 12th, 2022 at 1 PM


          Government witness Kathryn Clover not only destroyed exculpatory evidence inside the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, but she also committed perjury during her testimony during criminal trials, according to Federal Prosecutor Mark Bennett.  Now, 600 pages of emails between Senior Assistant Ohio Attorney General Daniel Kasaris and Clover not only confirms that Kasaris had a sexual relationship with Clover and hired her as his paralegal, but that Kasaris himself allowed Clover full access to "tubs" of evidence in criminal cases. 

          Prior to the release of the Clover-Kasaris emails, which are available in the FreeTonyViola.com Evidence Locker, multiple individuals swore under oath that Clover bragged about destroying evidence in numerous criminal cases.  Now, emails between Clover, Kasaris and federal prosecutor Mark Bennett prove she had access to key evidence inside the prosecutor’s office before it disappeared.  Following the initiation of a civil suit over the destruction of evidence, Clover’s attorney, Jaye Schlachet, admitted that Clover destroyed evidence, saying that her “attempt to destroy evidence … was done for the purpose of defending against her own criminal prosecution and not to impede” Viola’s defense, Viola v. Clover, CV-20-936897, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.

      During criminal prosecutions, Kasaris presented Clover as a “fact witness,” never disclosing that he utilized taxpayer funds to provide Clover with undisclosed financial benefits, or that he was romantically involved with her. Kasaris made little effort to conceal the affair, taking Clover to baseball games, entertaining her at local bars in Downtown Cleveland, inviting her to restaurants in nearby Lakewood and to his apartment in North Royalton.  Kasaris helped Clover obtain a scholarship to attend law school for free, and even hired Clover as an employee of the Prosecutor’s Office.  At no time, however, did Kasaris – or any other prosecutor – disclose to jurors that Clover was not testifying based on personal knowledge but was, in fact, Kasaris’ romantic partner and a paid employee of the Prosecutor’ Office. And while the United States Attorney’s Office in Cleveland stated in writing that Clover committed perjury while testifying in criminal cases, no prosecutor has ever withdrawn her false testimony at criminal trials.

      The jury trial in this lawsuit, scheduled for October 12, 2022 at 1 PM in the Justice Center in Downtown Cleveland, will highlight admissions by prosecutors that computers seized in televised raids were later lost, and admissions by prosecutors that they made false statements about evidence.  Prosecutors Dan Kasaris and Nick Giegerich have been served subpoenas so they can explain to jurors why they would allow Kasaris’ sexual partner to access and destroy evidence that led to the imprisonment of innocent American citizens.

      To view any of the court filings in this case, kindly log onto the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Clerk of Court website, and search case number CV-20-936897.  To learn more about how Tony Viola proved his innocence at a subsequent trial utilizing evidence suppressed by Prosecutors Kasaris, Giegerich and federal prosecutor Mark Bennett, kindly visit www.FreeTonyViola.com.  

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