All of the following was transcribed verbatim, bad grammar and all,  from letters issued to citizens attempting to expose corrupt politicians. 

RE: Ohio Revised Code Section 2921.03(a)

September 29, 2016

To Whom it May Concern:

Please be advise that recent article containing a number of false or materially false statements was published on behalf of Anthony “Tony” Viola circulated via email and on the internet stated that this someone may have been the source of the publications. I am writing you to inform you that Ohio Law provides that, “No person, knowingly using a materially false or fraudulent writing with malicious purpose, in bad faith, or in  a wanton or reckless manner, shall attempt to influence, intimidate, or hinder a public servant in the discharge of the person’s duty”. Please see Ohio Revised Code 2921.03(a). For approximately a year Mr. Viola and others on his behalf have carried on a campaign publishing false or materially false writings in a reckless manner attempting to intimidate me and others in the performance of our duties as a prosecutors and law enforcement officials using false writings some of which have already been adjudicated to have been false, in a reckless manner. In addition others acting on Tony Viola’s behalf and possibly with his consent have attempted to interfere business relationships which myself and others have and employment.

If you or anyone is involved in this matter please cease the above describe conduct and please remove or cause to be removed any reference to me, and my family, including my wife and daughters from the website known as, or any social media. Please remove or cause to be removed the pictures of myself and my daughters from or any social media to have direct or indirect control over. Please stop disseminating this false information. Law enforcement is currently investigating all persons associated with these false statements as criminal complaints have been initiated against Mr. Viola and those involved in violating this statute. Failure to cease this behavior may result in further actions against all of those involved in violating this statute which is a felony of the third degree per occurrence, with the appropriate law enforcement agency.