People always ask, “How did Tony win his 2nd trial?” or better phrased, “Why did Tony lose his first trial?”

Two words – Dawn Pasela.

Through Dawn’s courage and bravery, Tony discovered the lies and misconduct that prosecutors were engaged in before and during his federal trial.

Armed with that information, Tony proved his innocence at his subsequent state trial that was prosecuted by the same joint federal / state task force.

From, a witness who, at the direction of prosectors, admitted lying under oath at Tony’s federal trial, to another witness cheating on her husband with one of the prosecutors! And to finding out the lead task force investigator Arvin Clar served as a paid security consultant for the same banks involved with Tony’s case, the list of lies and misconduct was staggering. All of it done because the government would not admit they made a mistake.

Below is some of the story in Tony’s words…