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— “Expedited Production of Tapes” also required
—  December 31st deadline set for production of all public records requested by Tony Viola

November 10, 2016 — Erie, Pa — Federal Judge Susan Paradise Baxter ordered the Department of Justice to immediately produce e mails between Senior Assistant Ohio Attorney General Dan Kasaris and government informant Kathryn Clover in its possession, along with any e mails Ms. Clover sent to other prosecutors or government investigators.  Multiple sources have previously confirmed in writing that Clover and Kasaris had a romantic relationship and that Clover received undisclosed payments from the government for her testimony in multiple trials.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Bennett recently informed the federal judiciary that “Clover provided false testimony during the trial” of Tony Viola, heightening public interest in full disclosure of Ms. Clover’s relationship with Kasaris, USA v. Clover, case # 10-CR-75, Docket # 46.

Judge Baxter’s order, made after a status conference in a public records lawsuit filed by Tony Viola, also requires “expedited production of tapes and/or transcripts of tapes” made by the Prosecutor’s Office Manager, Dawn Pasela.  As part of an undercover spying operation, Ms. Pasela secretly recorded a series of interviews with Tony Viola after his indictment so prosecutors could gain insight into defense trial  strategies and tactics.  In order to gain Viola’s confidence, Ms. Pasela was also given government funds to donate towards Viola’s legal fees and attended several defense legal strategy sessions with his attorney.

Tony Viola was tried twice on identical charges prosecuted by the same prosecution team, proved his innocence at a second trial yet remains in jail, please visit for details.

To view Judge Baxter’s November 10th order, kindly consult the Pacer system, Anthony Viola v. Department of Justice, Case # 15-cv-242, W.D. Pa.   Senior Assistant Ohio Attorney Dan Kasaris can be reached at (440) 305-4226 or [email protected].  Tony Viola can be reached by writing him at McKean FCI – Inmate ID # 32238-160, P.O. Box 8000 – Bradford, Pa.  16701.