United States District Court Judge Donald C Nugent's phone calls seeking a job for his girlfriend and soliciting favors from political leaders were intercepted on FBI wiretaps and are currently the subject of a federal investigation, FBI Agent David M. Hardy confirmed.  FBI agents interviewed Judge Nugent, who "expressed his surprise at the breath of alleged corruption in Cuyahoga County."  According to FBI Agent Hardy, "on or about March 13, 2017, the Cleveland field office Special Agent advised that ... this investigation is still pending," Viola v. Department of Justice, Case Number 16-1411, D.C. District Court, Docket # 23, pages 11-19.

Attorney Melanie D. Hendry represents the Justice Department in this litigation and recently sought an extension of time to "confer with agency counsel and finalize" the government's response to the request for these tapes, after which Judge Tanya Chutkan will make a final determination about which tapes, if any, will be released.

"Judge Nugent sends people to jail almost every day," said Plaintiff Tony Viola, "but he uses his position as a judge to solicit favors and financial benefits for family and friends.  Our litigation seeks a court order making these recordings public so we can play them on the FreeTonyViola.com website."

Tony Viola is the only prisoner in America who proved his innocence at trial yet remains in jail!