OCTOBER 11, 2016 — Dan Kasaris turned an informant and government witness into an employee of the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, according to Kathryn Clover’s resume, obtained exclusively by an investigator for FreeTonyViola.com.  Ms. Clover’s work history includes a stint as an employee of the Prosecutor’s Office starting in March, 2010 and ending May, 2012.  This resume confirms that Dan Kasaris turned a “fact witness” into a paid employee but failed to disclose that fact before Clover testified in multiple court proceedings
Clover formerly operated MKM Talent Group, a modeling agency that recruited aspiring models, but she switched careers after becoming a criminal defendant and meeting Dan Kasaris.  Kasaris helped Clover obtain a Barrister’s Scholarship so she could attend Cleveland Marshall College of Law and paid her undisclosed monies from a fund to compensate government informants.  Both federal and state prosecutors illegally failed to disclose those payments before either of Tony Viola’s criminal trials.  Now, additional documentary evidence has come to light confirming that Dan Kasaris’s relationship with Kathryn Clover went beyond a sexual relationship, but also includes abusing his authority by paying his girlfriend with taxpayer funds.
Our upcoming blog post – “Meet Kathryn Clover” – will provide additional details about Prosecutor Kasaris’s girlfriend and his romantic relationship with Kathryn Clover.  If you have any additional information about Dan Kasaris’s prosecutorial misconduct, please share it with us or post details on our blog.  Thanks for visiting www.FreeTonyViola.com.