1. Indictments in my case incorrectly claimed I owned “Family Title” and ‘Transcontinental Lending Services. ” Prosecutors seized computers from these firms in “raids” but then claimed to “lose” these computers. Those computers proved I did not own, operate or receive any funds from entities involved with wrongdoing.
  2. The evidence log maintained by the joint federal-state Mortgage Fraud Task Force was altered and the records custodian’s name forged.
  3. The structure of the joint task force was used to hide exculpatory evidence For example, a husband and wife’s mortgage files were segregated into “state” and “federal” evidence, with both federal and state prosecutors blaming each other for failing to produce so-called ”Fred Burton” files.
  4. The joint task force served as a witness screening mechanism for federal prosecutors. The following witnesses were interviewed by so-called state officials, never interviewed by federal prosecutors, statements they gave were never produced by federal prosecutors yet they testified I’m innocent at the second trial: Michelle Crissey, Michelle Zenobi, Brian Jordan, Sarah Bresler and Linas Puskorious.
  5. FBI 302 interview summaries from lender executives were hidden because those interviews indicated that the banks knowingly authorized ‘no money down loans’ that I supposedly tricked them into making.