North Royalton councilman and Senior Assistant Ohio Attorney General Dan Kasaris is threatening to prosecute citizens for helping run this web site.  Kasaris, upset that details about his romantic relationship with criminal defendant Kathryn Clover have been widely disseminated, says he may prosecute citizens for exercising their first amendment rights.  Following receipt of Kasaris’s letter, which is posted below, Tony Viola issued the following statement.  “Three dozen witnesses ignored Dan Kasaris’s threats and appeared in court to tell jurors I’m innocent, which is why I won the second trial.  Dan Kasaris possessed proof of my innocence but failed to produce that evidence before my either of my trials.  Mr. Kasaris also failed to inform jurors that his lead witness Kathryn Clover was hired to work in his office, was paid by his office and was his mistress.  Thanks again to our investigative and web teams for fearlessly exposing Dan Kasaris’s criminal behavior.”

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