Court Orders Justice Department to Produce Missing Evidence, Correct False Statements

After prosecutors admitted making false statements about evidence in Tony Viola's criminal case, the Court of Appeals ordered the Justice Department to correct those is representations and produce evidence in its possession.

Prosecutors Mark Bennett and Dan Kasaris have repeatedly lied about key facts in Tony's case, including making false statements about the existence of post-indictment voice recordings they utilized to gain confidential defense trial strategy information, lying about evidence shifted from the U.S. Attorney's Office in Cleveland to a federally-funded Task Force location and falsely claiming Tony executed a conflict of interest waiver and approved a "joint defense" with co-defendants at trial.

The Court's recent order also required prosecutors to provide status updates every 30 days so the Court can monitor the government's compliance.  Finally, the Court ruled that oral arguments in Tony's case will take place after the government corrects its previous false representations, Viola v. Department of Justice, Case # 18-2573, U.S. Court of Appeals, Third Circuit. 

Tony Viola is the only prisoner in America who proved his innocence at a second trial yet remains in jail.