Tony Viola schedules “tell all” interview with Coast to Coast A.M.



            For the first time publicly, Tony Viola will discuss the prosecutorial misconduct and mysterious death of a witness that enshrouded his mortgage fraud conviction in Cleveland, Ohio in 2011. Viola has been fighting for his freedom for the past decade from federal prison and remains hopeful that his case will finally be overturned by admissions by the FBI that they, along with local Cleveland prosecutors Mark Bennet and Dan Kasaris, withheld exculpatory evidence before his federal trial.

Viola has always maintained his innocence. He was subsequently acquitted in Ohio State court on the same charges with evidence that was provided by an ex-employee of the Cuyahoga County Mortgage Fraud Task Force who was suddenly found dead on the eve of her court testimony.

Viola in planning a national media campaign that includes a Coast to Coast interview with Richard Syrett, various TV appearances with major investigative documentarians and a personal contribution to a 10-episode mini-series titled Liar Loans being filmed in Cleveland that depicts a “dirty” task force that was politically contrived to profit from the 2008 mortgage crisis by extorting the local realtors.

          Tony’s interview can be heard on Friday, June 26 on Coast to Coast A.M. the leading nationally syndicated radio show in late-night that will air live at 10:00 p.m. PT (1:00 a.m. Sat ET). Check local radio listings or stream live from everywhere on the web.

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