Detective Arvin Clar headed a Mortgage Fraud Task Force and testified at criminal trials that banks were victims of mortgage fraud schemes, duped into making 'no money down' mortgage loans.  But Mr. Clar never told jurors that he was simultaneously being paid by these same banks, either as a "security consultant" or as a featured speaker at Banker's Association meetings.  Since 2010, Clar has pocketed tens of thousands of dollars from the following banks or trade associations:  New York Bankers Association, Ohio Bankers Association, PNC Bank, Atlantis Security Company, Illinois Bankers Association, Chase Bank, Arkansas Bankers Association and the Bankers On Line Association, just to name a few.  When Clar gave speeches are out of town, he was treated to first class travel and accommodations by these banks and organizations -- while at the same time, Clar was being paid a salary by the Ohio Attorney General's Office.

The Ohio Ethics Commission is reviewing Mr. Clar's actions to determine whether he violated Ohio Revised Code 102.03(e), governing conflicts of interest by state employees or any related disclosure obligations.  If you have additional information or documents about Arvin Clar's conflicts of interest or his substantial outside income, kindly forward such information to the Ohio Ethics Commission 30 West Sprint Street, Columbus, Ohio  43215, or contact the Ethics Commission at (614) 466-7090 or 

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