August 25 Court Hearing Set to Review Romantic Emails between Assistant Ohio Attorney General Dan Kasaris and Government Witness Kathryn Clover

Senior Assistant Ohio Attorney General Daniel Kasaris utilized Government witness Kathryn Clover’s testimony to win dozens of convictions, but – at the same time – was having an affair with Clover.  Kasaris presented Clover as a “fact witness” in court, never disclosing that he utilized taxpayer funds to provide Clover with undisclosed financial benefits, or that he communicated with her using his private Yahoo email account affixed with his official signature as a prosecutor.  Kasaris made little effort to conceal the affair, taking Clover to Indians games, entertaining her at local bars in Downtown Cleveland and inviting her to restaurants in nearby Lakewood and to his apartment in North Royalton.  Later, Kasaris helped Clover obtain a scholarship to attend law school tuition free, then hired Clover as an employee of the Prosecutor’s Office.  At no time, however, did Kasaris – or any other prosecutor – disclose to jurors that Clover was not testifying based on personal knowledge but was, in fact, Kasaris’ romantic partner and a paid employee of the Prosecutor’ Office. And while the United States Attorney’s Office in Cleveland stated in writing that Clover committed perjury while testifying in criminal cases, no prosecutor has ever withdrawn her false testimony at criminal trials.

Despite overwhelming proof of the affair, including written confirmation from Kasaris’ wife Susan and sworn statements from a half a dozen witnesses, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost refuses to take any action against Kasaris, recently tweeting that “Dan Kasaris is a top-notch career prosecutor in the Attorney General’s office—he handled several of my public corruption cases when I served as Auditor of State … [There isn’t] a tougher, more experienced prosecutor. Justice will be done” in cases handled by Kasaris.

In recent months, Kasaris admitted under oath that he utilized his Yahoo email account to conduct official business, which include sending emails to Clover that discuss “Hand jobs” … “Banging in the car” and contain racist comments, among other inappropriate content.  Now, on August 25 at 10:15 AM, the Ohio Court of Appeals will hear arguments concerning the legality of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office decision to keep romantic emails between Kasaris and Clover secret, Viola v. Ohio Attorney General, case # 21AP000126, Tenth District Ohio Court of Appeals.

The August 25th proceedings will be broadcast by the Court on the Court’s YouTube channel,, and subsequently uploaded to the webste.

Tony Viola proved his innocence at a second trial using evidence that Prosecutors Dan Kasaris and Mark Bennett suppressed before the first trial, but that was provided by Dawn Pasela, a whistleblower inside the Prosecutor’s Office.  In 2020, both the FBI and Department of Justice admitted making false statements about evidence on Tony’s case, and he was released from prison after a decade of incarceration.  To learn more about Tony’s case, or to view some of the Kasaris-Clover emails obtained by Tony Viola’s investigative team, please visit


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