Attorney Kim Corral Calls for New Investigation into Suspicious Death of Dawn Pasela, Discusses evidence that disbarred Federal Prosecutor Mark Bennett lied about voice recordings Dawn Pasela made before Tony Viola's federal trial

Attorney Kim Corral added her voice to that of Seeking Justice and other former law enforcement officials and publicly called for an entirely new investigation into the death of Dawn Pasela.  During an April, 2024 interview that aired on Seeking Justice’s YouTube Live channel, Kim discussed her advocacy on behalf of Dawn’s family and reviewed her interactions with the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office, who also recommended this case be reopened after discovering that Dawn’s computer was missing when she was found dead under mysterious circumstances, and that multiple witnesses have been overheard talking about Dawn’s “murder.”  Despite significant new evidence in Dawn’s case and a recommendation by a law enforcement agency, the Parma, Ohio Police Department refuse to investigate Dawn’s death or allow other agencies to take over the investigation.

The same episode of Seeking Justice reviewed new admissions made in 2024 by former federal prosecutor Mark Bennett, who was fired by the Justice Department and sanctioned by the Ohio Supreme Court.  In a 2015 court filing, Bennett called allegations that Dawn wore a wire or donated funds towards Tony Viola’s legal fees “blatantly untrue” but in a February 24, 2024 admission, Bennett now states that he “instructed the FBI Agent to … listen to the recording” and “provide it to defense counsel.”  However, defense attorneys have stated in writing that no such recordings were ever provided, nor were they disclosed to any parties in criminal proceedings.

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